Late Registration

Welcome to SSTIKS 2017 Registration!

SSTIKS is open for late registration.. You are welcome to join QUSA and then immediately register for SSTIKS. Click Join QUSA to join before registering.
As a very small organization, we are limited in the ways we can accept on-line payment. Like last year, this year we are only using PayPal. If you cannot successfully use our PayPal system, please contact John Dunlap at

Please fill out the registration form ONCE FOR EACH ATTENDEE! If there are four in your family, we need you to fill out the registration form four times – once for each person.

A separate registration form & paypal payment should be made for each individual

* indicates Required input.

Name of person being registered

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Registration Fee *

Age 4-10 $ 35Age 11-15 $ 40Age 16+ $100

The child will either need to be able to pass a “wet exit test” or the parent / guardian needs to be continuously with the child while they are in the water."Parent or guardian agrees."Please fill in the name of a parent or guardian who is also attending SSTIKS *

Mentor's code If you are an invited Mentor, please enter your mentor code here.

Email Contact

This is how we will contact you. SSTIKS does not share your email with anyone for any reason.

City,State,Country (if not USA)

Used for name tag: *
Examples: Portland, OR or Vancouver, BC, Canada


You are not required to provide your age, but we would like to collect age information for Qaannat Kattuffiat, our Greenland parent organization who has asked us to collect age information.
 Required * for child registration age 4 through 15

ACA Number

Your American Canoe Association (family or individual) member number. You are not required to have an ACA membership to attend SSTIKS. Having your number helps save SSTIKS money on insurance.

Paddle Carving Class Option $

Space is limited.
Don Beale's Greenland paddle carving class takes place all day Friday. Space is limited to the first 7 to select this option. Registering here does not guarantee a spot. If spaces are exceeded, we'll contact you, refund your payment, and place you on the wait list. Contact Don Beale in order to determine best paddle dimensions for you.

Paddle Carving Class $120

T-shirt Option $

Unisex T-shirts are $15. If ordering a T-shirt please indicate the size. Mentors - please choose a shirt size!
If not ordering a shirt, please leave this field marked ‘None’.

Group Camp Tent Option $

Group Camping is limited

Group Camping $40

Space is limited in the SSTIKS group camping area so please only bring tents (such as back packing tents) appropriately sized for the number of people in your group.



After completing the PayPal payment, click Return to Merchant at the bottom of the PayPal form and you will be returned to this registration page.
If you wish to cancel PayPal before completing the payment, click 'Cancel and Return to SSTIKS' at the bottom of the PayPal form.