Traditional Kayaks at SSTIKS 2019

I build replica kayaks because they are pretty, because every traditional kayak I build teaches me about modern ones, because the Greenland hunting kayak imparts a sense of history, even if it’s not my history; and mostly, by simple virtue of proximity, the Greenland kayak conveys a powerful intimacy with the water.

Brian Schulz, Kayak Builder

The Polar Zone

The Polar Zone is an area where attendees learn about and use traditional skin boats and paddling gear from around the Poalar Arctic.

Available in the Zone at SSTIKS 2018 will be:

  • Traditional Kayaks
  • Greenland Paddles
  • Norsaqs
  • Tuiliks

How to borrow things:
Ask a friendly docent-they are wearing docent tags
If no docent available-sign out the boat on the checkout sheet on the table
Please be sure you sign the boat back in when done.

How to Decide which kayak to borrow:
Ask a friendly docent. Docents have been trained in these boats. They can talk to you about safety and performance topics.
Docents can accompany you as a safety boater if you like or find a safety boater for you.
If no docent available, consider carefully. These kayaks are quite different from manufactured kayaks or even the skin boats that you may be used to using. Consider going out with a friend as safety boater.