SSTIKS FILM Festival 2021

The Fourth Annual SSTIKS Traditional Kayaking Film Festival


What are our entry requirements?

  1. The film should broadly reference traditional kayak or traditional kayaking values –  e.g. Greenland paddles or skin on frame kayaks, traditional tools, and techniques, Arctic life or travel, etc. If in doubt, just submit. Take a look at some of our past entries below for inspiration.
  2. Be no longer than about 7 minutes. More or less.
  3. Be viewable by a family audience.
  4. That’s about it. We want your videos!

Where will the festival take place?

  • At SSTIKS of course! We’ll have a viewing Saturday night.
  • All films will also be available on the website. 

How will the films be judged?

Every attendee at SSTIKS can vote by secret ballot. We’ll tally up the votes at the end.

Do I need to attend to submit?

No, feel free to submit even if you cannot make it to SSTIKS this year.

How do I submit my entry?

  • Upload your video(s) to the platform of your choice and send the link to 
  • Or, bring your video on a thumb drive to the event.

Can I film at SSTIKS and make a quick entry there?

Sure you can! That would be really cool!

Is there a prize?

Of course! In prior years, we gave out Golden Norsaqs handmade by Don Beale. This year?  Still TBD.

We want your FiLM

SSTIKS 2018 Film Festival Submissions

kayak rolling by Mark Neiman Ross

Winner of the 2018 Golden Norsaq SSTIKS People’s Choice Award

Winter Antics in Northern Minnesota – Renee DuFresne.

Ropocalypse Rolling – Christopher Crowhurst.

MNR Kayak Rolling – Mark Niemann Ross.

Winter Paddling, Oregon Coast – Paul Steinberg.

2015 Sisimiut Greenland Games – Dubside.

2017’s submissions

Sloshed by Mark Burton

Winner of the 2017 Golden Norsaq SSTIKS People’s Choice Award

Namesake by Freya Fennwood

SSTIKS Film Festival 2017 Winner

Sloshed by Mark Burton

SSTIKS Film Festival 2017 Winner

Waiting for Spring by Mike & Cindy Hamilton

SSTIKS Film Festival 2017 Winner

Wooden boatbuilding – Faber Navalis by Maurizio Borriello

SSTIKS Film Festival 2017 Entrant

Evening Paddle by Jack Gilman

SSTIKS Film Festival 2017 Entrant

Keep The Coast On Your Left – Kayaking From LA to Tijuana by Andrew Szabo

SSTIKS Film Festival 2017 Entrant