Camping, Directions, & Logistics

Camping Facilities
SSTIKS is held at Twanoh State Park, on the Hood Canal east of Union, Washington.
To ensure all attendees have a place to camp, SSTIKS now offers a group campsite by the beach. This option is a $40 flat fee per tent and includes Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.We prefer backpacking size tens. If you have a larger tent, we prefer that you use the tent sites across the street. We also ask that you take early morning and late evening conversations to the big group tent.

Alternatively, the park now offers campsite reservations. Reserve a spot through the online state park registration page if you prefer a traditional campsite instead of the group site. Twanoh State Park has 25 tent spaces, 22 utility spaces, two restrooms and one shower. Maximum site length is 35 feet.  Campsites are limited to 8 people per site.

Parking will be available in the large beach lot. Group site campers receive one parking pass per $40 tent permit if needed. Parking is limited and we want to reduce our impact on other park users. Please only take a pass if you have a vehicle that needs one. Similarly, the park asks that campers in the main campgrounds avoid moving their cars to the day use parking areas during the day. Additional cars require a separate parking pass or Washington State Park Discover Pass.

Speed Limit: The campground has a 10mph speed limit. Please ensure you follow the speed limit so we can continue to use the park for SSTIKS.

We are trying to reduce the amount of waste we generate. It would make a big difference if you use your own reusable water bottle and coffee cup. It would also be great if you could take your recyclables home with you.  If you cannot, we will provide recycling containers for glass, cans, and plastic bottles and volunteers will take to the recycling center after the event.

Cell Phone Coverage
Cell phone reception can be limited in the park; check the service maps for your provider. Pay phones are also available in the park.

Oyster shells. Seriously, these things are sharp; they’ll slice you up. Never walk barefooted on the beach and consider gloves when in shallow water.

Driving Directions
Located on the south shore of Hood Canal, eight miles west of Belfair, Wash.

From Bremerton:

Take Hwy. 3 southwest to Belfair, and go west on Hwy. 106 eight miles to the park.
From Hwy. 101:

Drive east on Hwy. 106 for 12 miles to the park.
From downtown Seattle:

Take a beautiful, one-hour ferry ride to Bremerton
Drive half hour on Hwy. 3 southwest to Belfair.
From Belfair, go west eight miles on Hwy. 106 to park entrance.

Twanoh State Park