Jeanette loves to roll and enjoys helping other kayakers learn advanced rolls. She also helps teach kayaking classes during her spare time.

2015 PADDLING INSTRUCTORS (alphabetical order)

Bob Baltazar, paddler, instructor

Bob started sea kayaking in 1998. Since then he has built several kayaks and paddles, and now holds a BCU 4 Star Sea Award (old). In 2011, he attained BCU Coach Level 2. When he is not paddling, his next favorite thing is to teach kayaking skills. In addition to coaching for the Oregon Ocean Paddling Society (OOPS), Bob has instructed basic Greenland Paddle Strokes and Rolling, assisted with paddle carving, and has been one of the Kid's Track Coaches at SSTIKS.



Joanne Barta, ACA Level 3 certified instructor, Wilderness First Responder certified

Joanne began kayaking several years ago while vacationing with her kids in SE Alaska. She is an active member of the Oregon Ocean Paddling Society, organizing trips and teaching classes in the Portland area.

Like many other paddlers, Joanne enjoyed building a pygmy boat, two skin on frame kayaks and carving paddles. She enjoys rolling, camping and fishing, and sharing her interest in traditional kayaking with others. When not kayaking, Joanne is an enthusiastic middle school teacher in Portland.


Dave Sides

Daveside“Unkel Dave” Sides Greenland Ropes Gymnastics, Sea Kayaker, Rock Climber Former Gymnastics Coach, Teacher, Computer Systems Project Manager Motto: “Pay it Forward”, from the 2000 movie starring Kevin Spacey, Haley Joel Osment, and Helen Hunt. The goal is to help others by passing along what you know.





Don Beale, paddler & paddle-maker, Portland, OR

Don was bit by the boat-building bug with a Cosine Wherry, and went to kayaks from there. He likes all sorts of paddling, from quiet bird-watching to ocean and surf.

He is an ACA level 4 instructor and BCU 4-star certified, and working towards a BCU 4-star Leadership award. Don teaches for the Oregon Ocean Paddling Society in Portland, Oregon, and currently lives in Forest Grove.

Beale Paddles was started in 2002, upon the realization that he could make a much better paddle than could be purchased. Since then, over 500 custom-built paddles have been hand carved for happy customers. Sharing the fun of carving in addition to the joy of paddling adds to enjoyment of the sport.

Neris Biciunas, kayak builder, paddler, and dad, Montesano, WA

Neris built his own kayak shortly after his first daughter was born. He quickly realized that a growing family was not going to fit into a boat barely big enough to hold a sack lunch. The painful decision was made - he would simply have to build more kayaks! This year, his youngest daughter will be launching her own "Kidarka" at SSTIKS.

KarlKarl Guntheroth, instructor, Renton, WA

Karl started with Canoes at scout camp in the '70s, has been kayaking since the '90s. He has built four foam and glass kayaks, and many paddles, including traditional, graphite/wood composite, and a bent shaft. After learning a lot at SSTIKS he is returning as an instructor and committee mamber. In the real world he is a Mechanical Engineer, married with 2 grown kids. He is embarrassed that his wilderness first aid certification has expired, but he has over a dozen merit badges, CPR cards, and first aid classes.

John Doornink, kayak instructor, Poulsbo, WA

John has been kayaking since 1997. His interest in traditional kayaking began with the construction of a Greenland Style kayak in 2002 and his first traditional style paddle soon thereafter. He taught himself to roll in his new kayak and has been working his way down the list of competition rolls since then.

John has built two other boats and carved numerous paddles. He also enjoys making some of his own kayaking gear. His first neoprene project was a sprayskirt for his first boat and since then has made lots of other neoprene projects including sprayskirts, akuilisaqs, mitts, shorts, hoods, and tuiliks.

Not wanting to be completely outdone by his children, John is also an aspiring ropes gymnast and is fortunate to have several young coaches in the family. John lives on Poulsbo Washington with his wife Tess, their 5 kids, and two Yellow Labrador Retrievers.

Louisa GreearLouisa (Neffer) Greear

Louisa (Nuffer) Greear has been kayaking since she was about nine years old, when her dad (Foster Nuffer) put her into a little wooden kayak, said “have fun!” and pushed the boat into the bay. Ever since then Louisa has been in love with kayaking, particularly Greenland kayaking, and especially rolling. Louisa has been teaching rolling for about four years now, specializing in teaching beginning rolling and hand rolling. She lives in Provo, UT where she attends Brigham Young University studying English language (with a minor in editing) and works as a research assistant for a children’s literature professor. Louisa enjoys gardening and cooking with her husband Adam. She also has an enthusiasm for pie, goats, books, and painting things.

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Mike Hanks, paddler & kayak builder, Tacoma, WA

Mike Hanks started kayaking several years ago, and has been with SSTIKS since its beginning. He got his daughter and son started kayaking at about two years of age. He built their first kayaks when they were 4 and 3 years old. Most of his kayaking now is with kids, and he loves to have a safe. fun time on the water with them. Mike has also spent a number of years working with youth in some non-profit organizations.

He has built several paddles and about a dozen kayaks and most have a Greenland influence. Mike has a strong interest in kayak design and has a long list of kayaks he wants to build.

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Lisa Kellogg, paddler & life coach, Rosendale, NY

Lisa KelloggLisa, a career cartographer and life coach, loves helping people turn right side up in qajaqs, and in life. Hooked by the grace and elegance of both the Greenland paddle and the mentoring ways, she thinks helping people learn to roll and take their skills to a new level is one of life’s treats!



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Ed LamonEd Lamon, paddler & kayak builder, Rosendale, New York

Ed likes nothing better than a day on the water. He was introduced to the elegant simplicity of the GP and the beauty of SOFs at the first Hudson River Greenland Festival. He is happiest while sharing his enthusiasm for qajaqing.



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Tim Mattson, certified instructor, Olympia, WA

"Hello. My name is Tim and I am a kayakaholic. I can't help it. I see a body of water and I get an uncontrollable urge to get out in the water and paddle. It's especially bad if the water is rough ... forget 'white powder', nothing beats the addictive power of white water (as in frothy surf). I am also a kayaking-pusher. I am certified as an ACA advanced open ocean kayak instructor. I am also certified as an ACA instructor trainer, so I get to help other people become certified kayaking-pushers.

"I am obsessed with the strokes we use to move our kayaks. I use a full range of paddles, from Greenland paddles, to single blade King Island paddles, wing paddles, and yes even those new fangled euro paddles. Rolling is great, but it's the strokes that get me excited.

"When I'm not kayaking, I work as a professional scientist (Ph.D. theoretical chemistry). I love science. I have combined my twin addictions of kayaking and science to create a lecture series on the science of kayaking. I present these lectures at kayaking events around the Pacific Northwest."

Jeff Putterman, paddler, instructor, Lake Oswego, OR

Jeff first came to SSTIKS in 2009 and has been a dedicated Greenland stick paddler ever since. Jeff holds ACA & BCU certifications in sea kayaking, river canoeing, and SUP (standup paddle boarding), and is an instructor and guide for Next Adventure Paddle Sports in Portland. He is also the president of the Oregon Ocean Paddling Society, and teaches jazz guitar at Portland State University.

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Gerhardt Raven, boat builder, instructor, Lake Cowichan, BC, Canada

Gerhardt studied woodworking as a cabinet maker in Austrailia and enjoys the beauty of west coast old-growth wood and the creativity of innovation in the workshop. He makes Greenland paddles (pautiks) and Greenland skin-on-frame qajaqs as a business and to promote the growing interest in traditional Inuit kayaking. Gerhardt has sold over 1000 pieces of handmade woodwork including jewellery boxes and Morris furniture./p>

 Gerhardt built his first skin-on-frame at Cape Falcon Kayaks in Oregon and just kept on building. SOF Qajaqs are like potato chips…it's hard to have just one.

Gerhardt started paddling in Algonquin Park when he was 4 years old and never stopped. He enjoys canoing, white water paddling, kayak surfing, touring the west coast and Greenland rolling. His longest river trip was the Alsek River in the Yukon, BC and Alaska where he encountered 14 grizzlies including a very annoyed mother bear who chased him down the river.

A veteran of all the SSTIKS events, Henry has been actively coaching Greenland and “Euro” sea kayaking for 10 years. He is a BCU L3 Coach Trainee and an ACA Open Water Coastal instructor with the Traditional Paddling endorsement. His paddle adventures have ranged from New Zealand to Greenland, and he can often be found teaching at kayak symposiums and clinics in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. In the absence of real Greenlanders, he gets called upon to announce roll names in Greenlandic or teach harpooning.



Pat Welle, paddler, instructor, and intructor-trainer, Portland, OR

Pat Welle is an ACA Level-4 Instructor and ACA Level-3 Instructor Trainer who has been kayaking for over 10 years and teaching most of those, including 3 years full time as a tour guide and instructor. She’s paddled off northwest Scotland and southern Chile, but spends most of her time along the Columbia River from Portland to the mouth. Her teaching passion is to help paddlers see the ease that comes from proper technique and find exercises that help teach a stroke without concentrating on it. Of course, all while having fun!


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