Harvey Golden’s Historic Replicas at SSTIKS 2017

I build replica kayaks because they are pretty, because every traditional kayak I build teaches me about modern ones, because the Greenland hunting kayak imparts a sense of history, even if it’s not my history; and mostly, by simple virtue of proximity, the Greenland kayak conveys a powerful intimacy with the water.

Brian Schulz, Kayak Builder

The Greenland Petting Zoo

Most of the year, we paddle our fiberglass and plastic kayaks, yet we know they come from a tradition spanning many thousands of years; a tradition that is still alive and evolving. This year at SSTIKS, attendees will have the opportunity to study and paddle a variety of traditional skin craft replicas drawn from designs around the arctic. These boats are provided courtesy of Harvey Golden, builder extraordinaire and one of the world’s foremost scholars of traditional watercraft of the arctic and elsewhere.
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