SSTIKS FILM Festival 2018

The Second Annual SSTIKS Traditional Kayaking Film Festival


Our entry criteria this year are broad:

Short films about “traditional kayaking.”  Traditional kayaking is defined by Qaannat Kattuffiat as keeping the traditional kayaking skills alive. This includes rolling, paddling techniques, kayak building, tuilik making, ropes, and other aspects of the Greenland kayaking culture.
Entries could include any of the above and/or anything that speaks to or is informed by traditional kayaks and culture.

The top Three films received a handmade Norsaq by Don Beale.  The top ten films will be shown at the SSTIKS festival.  All approved films will be available on the SSTIKS webpage.

We are charging a small submission fee ($5 US) this year to discourage spamming of films.  All accepted entries will receive a refund for this fee. If your film meets the criteria defined on the submission page, it will be accepted.

We want your FiLM

SSTIKS 2018 Film Festival Submissions

Winter Antics in Northern Minnesota – Renee DuFresne.

Ropocalypse Rolling – Christopher Crowhurst.

MNR Kayak Rolling – Mark Niemann Ross.

Winter Paddling, Oregon Coast – Paul Steinberg.

2015 Sisimiut Greenland Games – Dubside.

Last year’s submissions

Sloshed by Mark Burton

Winner of the 2017 Golden Norsaq SSTIKS People’s Choice Award

Namesake by Freya Fennwood

SSTIKS Film Festival 2017 Winner

Sloshed by Mark Burton

SSTIKS Film Festival 2017 Winner

Waiting for Spring by Mike & Cindy Hamilton

SSTIKS Film Festival 2017 Winner

Wooden boatbuilding – Faber Navalis by Maurizio Borriello

SSTIKS Film Festival 2017 Entrant

Evening Paddle by Jack Gilman

SSTIKS Film Festival 2017 Entrant

Keep The Coast On Your Left – Kayaking From LA to Tijuana by Andrew Szabo

SSTIKS Film Festival 2017 Entrant